"Ko Peva Zlo Ne Misli"
Welcome Home - Dobro Nam Dosli

The St. Louis Serbian-American and Eastern Orthodox,
Community  is home to three Serbian Orthodox

The Holy Trinity (Sveta Trojica) Serbian Orthodox
Church  (St. Louis),  was incorporated in 1909. St. John
(Sveti Jovan) Serbian Orthodox Church (Glendale), was
founded in 1963.
St. Elijah (Sveti Ilija) Orthodox Mission
(Des Peres),was established in 2011.

There are more than a dozen churches of various
Orthodox denominations in the St. Louis Area who have
been some of the many diverse pillars of St. Louis and
America for over a century.

In addition to Serbian and American character we are
connected to various ethnic groups via our Eastern
Orthodox Faith, our Slavic heritage, our  Eastern
European and Balkan geography and new American
roots. The many social and community events and
religious activities are always open to those interested
giving rise to our legendary fame for hospitality
PEVAJ                       dat   com
Our Invitation
PEVAJ, which means to sing brings us all together, no
matter the language. If your travels ever lead you this
way, stop on by for at least a cup of coffee, and bring
your song with you.
We need to let you know that these pages are not the official
site of any of the mentioned churches or organizations. As
such we suggest you contact them as the final authority for
We are taking the opportunity to pay tribute to Very
Rev. Father Radomir Chkautovich, who has just
retired after more than 57 years of active service.